1st Lesson to Entrepreneurship !

The most Important thing is to give it a KICK-START !

Most of the people who wish to do something extraordinary will plan a lot and do the research work. But one thing to remember is until or unless you will Launch a Rocket you wont get an idea how far it will reach. Ironically 85% people just don’t ever launch the ideas they have.

Studies have revealed that before the age of 45, each and every person comes up with at least one brilliant idea that could make him/her a lifetime of fortune. But the only problem is those who got to work on their Dreams surpass those who chase salaries and work for others Dreams.
#ElonMusk had failed 3 Times before making a final attempt to satellite Launch and the only factor was he learned from his previous 3 mistakes and improvised the design so well each time giving birth to New Ideas that lead to fine tuning of the concept of retrieving back the launched rocket for reuse after ejecting the satellite once in the outer space !
Market and the Practical work into action will give you much more clarity and help you get a better idea what to do next. Only relying on theory isn’t gonna help you. You should be able to take risk and enjoy the hurdles.

Ideally it has been found that a person fails 3-4 times in business before making a breakthrough in the business of becoming a Millionaire. So just accept it and assume it hypothetically that whatever business you are going to launch is going to fail you once or twice ! But WARNING it doesn’t mean that you don’t do it whole heartedly. You gotta put your Heart, Blood & Soul to the smallest of the details in achieving it. For Example :-

Say you want to publish a book ! JUST HAVE IN MIND ALREADY THAT FIRST COPY IS GOING TO BE A CRAPPY VERSION ! But this doesn’t mean you should not research on how to write the book in the first place ! On your Second Publishing you yourself will have an idea how to improvise it and it goes on for third, fourth, fifth ….. And thats the only thing that makes you one step close to being an Entrepreneur every time you do this.

Because you need to understand this thing. If you are a person today who doesn’t believes in himself/herself then how can you expect the God damn world to believe in you and why the hell they should believe in you then ? Remember always you should never think like once you become a CEO or an Entrepreneur or any High Rank that you admire of to be in future, you will do the things THEN what you crave for !!! NOOOOO….. You need to start taking actions today as if you ARE THE CEO/ ENTREPRENEUR so that once you be there, there is no chance of committing stupid failures/mistakes….

You can fail as many times as you can before reaching to the top of that success ladder. Because once you are there your every failure will be much more accountable to you and your company then. So try Damn hard, fail as much possibly you can and achieve the things that you crave for.

Choice is yours now, whether to give it a kick start and side hustle for the but of course genuine hurdles which are gonna pop up in your way to SUCCESS or else you are gonna sit on your Butt for the rest of your life working assiduously or lethargically for others helping them achieve their life goals.

On a closing note I will put one of the most famous quote :-

β€œTo get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.” ― Charles T. Munger

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