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There always exists a part of your soul deep down in you that shouts out for more and I will help you achieve whatever you set your goal for. I motivate with Practical Actionable Steps for your life’s progress. So LET’s DO IT.


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After having worked in a so-called  9 to 5 job which believes me it actually is not because you are aware of only the check-in time, checkout time is determined by the monster called “Mr. BOSS” and surviving in the industry for more than 5+ years I came to realize that now its time to call it a quits. Instead of working for someone else why not be your own BOSS (Also not being the so-called Monstrous version at the very same time ) and develop my own brand the same way I used to work diligently for my previous employers.

Hello, everyone, my name is Sanwaria Chadha the Eccentric Entrepreneur and a Visionary who helps people think out of the box and get them to achieve miraculous results with my super expertise in Communication skills, Career, and Business Mentoring. I am a successful Structural Engineer by school education  &  The Most Successful Eccentric Entrepreneur by Self Education. I am Currently on a mission to empower 20 people before 2020 with the realistic approach of an Entrepreneur and help them to reach amazing heights in their lives.

I started my journey as an Entrepreneur when I was in 8th Standard. I stopped asking my parents for pocket money and I started working on how to meet up my daily expenses by my own. Since childhood I was a creative person and always had my brain occupied with various kinds of ideas ready to be implemented and trying one or the another thing. During this journey believe me I have made so many mistakes. I did fail so many damn times. Had lost also on my way to the journey ahead but one thing that kept me always going with high spirits was the will power and strong desire to make a mark of my own in this world one day and here i am today with the amazing opportunities to serve you with. 

If you too are a victim of negative society who has devoured your creativity and dreams to achieve something significant, something extraordinary in your life, then come on board and let me walk you to the path of your complete transformation  with my mentoring and your amazing abilities  !